Indoor playground manufacturers are involved in production of entertainment equipment used indoors. They target children as well as young adults and teenagers. These equipment are desirable in that they can be used in all seasons including winter. 

Types of equipment 

Adventure equipment 

  • Climbing wall; s a wall with eye- catching rock climbing panel, colorful eco- friendly digital art and safe yet robust rock climbing equipment. It can help children develop physical capability, coordination, softness, balance, confidence and focus. 
  • Rail fly: it is similar to the roller coaster by providing up– and- downs motions with extra acceleration. It requires a beam hanging from the building and height with the rail highest point being 32ft. It can take a capacity of sixty people per hour. 
  • Trampoline park; it is a lay unit installed indoor. It offers various play options such as; basketball, dodge ball, jumping mat layouts or safety padding colors. It requires high quality materials and strict manufacturing practices so as to ensure safety. 
  • Zip line; these are made with different heights. They include; low- altitude zip line, high- altitude zip lines and ground fly. The structure is installed using heavy metal structures of different height to provide strength. 

Children play 

  • Ball blaster; it provides a dynamic multi- level platform for kids to play ballistic ball battle. It features fun ball shooting events such as vacuum cannons and blasters that launch countless soft foam balls all over the place. 
  • Ball pool; it is a pool of various shapes that is filled with soft foam balls. Children get into the pool and play with the balls and can do adventures like trying to look for a hidden item among the soft balls. The type of pools include; double rings ball pool, square ball pool, tropical ball pool and tub ball pool. 
  • Racing track; this is an indoor track for kids to race n cars. It is decorated using fun colors so as to capture the attention of children. Cut- outs of various animation characters are used for decoration to entertain the children. 

Services offered by the indoor playground manufacturers  

  • The manufacturers are involved in the design of structures by providing construction blueprints in line with the intended location of the client. They ensure use of safe and reliable products while meeting the design considerations. 
  • The manufacturers not only install the equipment but also attend to problems experienced by clients after sale. Some also train the client’s staff on operating the equipment. 


Indoor playground manufacturers play a crucial role in developing entertainment options to children teenagers and young adults. Their after sale services earn customer trust and make the venture as a business option viable. 

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