Indoor Playground Choices

Licenses required for operating indoor playgrounds –most businesses usually require only one or two licenses to carry on with its operations in a state. However, because children are involved when it comes to indoor playgrounds, then multiple state-specific licenses might be required. There are specific details that are required for licenses of businesses that involve children and this basically aims to protect the children from operations that are not to the required standards. If found operating without the necessary indoor playground license, you risk possible legal actions from your state or even losing your business.

Basic Licenses- there are two main licenses you will need so as to operate an indoor playground and they include; a general business license that is provided by your state Doing Business As License or DBA license. The DBA license gives you that opportunity to use any other name to operate your indoor playground while a general business license from your state is a statement requirement that will facilitate easy tax collection from your business. The cost of your business license will basically depend on your business structure.

Specifics of your Business –many businesses opening children activities centers are required by most states to have specific licenses. check out our indoor playground equipment – Orca Coast Playgrounds Further information regarding the specific child activity license for your business can be sought from your state’s county clerk or small business center. For example in the City of Chicago, any business with a play center needs to have a Children’s Activities Facility License (CAF). The cost of the license most probably depends on the nature of the facility.

Other Licenses –there are other licenses that you may be required especially indoor playgrounds that offer certain services. For example if a playground wants to provide an area where kids would buy or eat food then such a playground may be required to have license that covers Child care facility food handling. And for indoor playgrounds Orca Coast that provides services like day care for kids, then they may as well be required to have a different license that covers the  day care services for kids. In Texas for example, a child care center is defined as a place where children supervision is provided. So it is always a necessary and safe precaution to have an additional license even if a state could direct you to provide indoors supervision to the children.

Considerations –any license acquired for purpose of operating a business that involves children will definitely undergo a criminal background check among other restrictions. In Chicago for example, application for CAF licenses were not granted for any person found to have committed a crime in the last 10 years, it is therefore important to check with your state if there are any licensing restrictions regarding your playground business.