How to learn and benefit from Japanese language online


Learning a second language is considered a useful act in the recent days. It has managed to enhance and improve communication which has however helped increase in marketing programs. It has been therefore made easy to learn a second language in wherever place you are, that is, you do not need to go to a learning institution to be able to gain the knowledge. There are open websites and online tutors that are capable to impart the required knowledge.  

In this text we are going to focus on the Japanese language, how it is taught in the online platforms and the importance of learning Japanese. 

Learning Japanese language online 

Before embarking to Japanese language learning online, there are some things you personally should first consider. Note that you are learning all by yourself and to make it to under stability you should ensure to master the basic pronunciation of Japanese, basic particles, learn about sentence structures, expressions, greetings, major vocabulary, get familiar with Kanji and Katana and learn reading Hiragana. With all those factors under consideration, you are expected to start and learn smoothly to read and write Japanese.  

There are several online websites and programs that offer free learning of Japanese; they offer necessary courses for the benefit of Japanese learning. Some of the sites for learning Japanese include: 


It is the most renowned site for learning Japanese since it has been in action for the longest time possible offers the best tools for learning such as videos and audios and printed notes, quizzes for language test and others. It delivers at least three lessons per week and one can also apply for a membership that literally benefits the beginners. However, they not only provide lessons for beginners but also regard the advanced levels where you are also allowed to review on the previous beginner work. The most important thing that is offered by the JapanesePod101 is the audio and video lessons plus written notes for better understanding. 


Duolingo is also a known site for learning languages online but Japanese was recently introduced. One need to first sign up and you are given an option to choose what time you would like to be learning Japanese a day. You can choose as low as five minute learning program and you are fit for the day. This goes on with reminders at the same time every day which will nevertheless help you to grow your Japanese daily. It is a free learning site but you can also opt to keep a mobile app for mobility. What you need to note about Duolingo is that it does not give lessons to the advanced level; therefore it is suitable for the beginners. 

NHK World Easy Japanese 

It is a free Japanese learning website suitable for beginners that offers approximately 48 lessons of Japanese. It is mostly used by those who would like to migrate to Japan as they provide lessons using audios and lesson notes. You are also eligible to learn Japanese using different languages rather than English. The site is free and does not require sign up and is therefore recommended for those who are interested to learn Japanese in Japan. 


Above are the major sites and courses that can provide beginners and advanced level with knowledge on Japanese. 

Importance of learning Japanese is that it becomes easier to interact with the natives of Japan when paying a visit in their land or vice versa.

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