In the case where you want to enroll in a forklift course, you have to consider enrolling on an OSHA-approved programme Scissorlift Academy. The course training can be either conducted physically or online, but it’s more advisable to choose on undertaking your course physically for optimal experience and knowledge. The programme involves class projects, sitting a test and a practical operation evaluation.  


To apply and enroll in a forklift certification programme, the following steps are undertaken; 


  1. a)Deciding on forkliftprogramme you want to enrol  

Before evening signing into the programme, decide first on the sort of forklift you want to get certified on. This will give you focus on your main direction and purpose of enrolling on the programme. Ensure you enroll for what you want, and not what they have. 


  1. b)Enroll/apply for theprogramme 

Look for a training center that is OSHA-certified to enroll into. You can contact different individuals like employers, friends and even do research online to find a suitable school to enroll into. 


  1. c) Begin classes

The classes programme for a forklift course follows a series of stages. These stages include; 


  • Learning on safety precautions 
  • Undergoing through OSHA rules lessons 
  • Field learning on driving techniques 
  • Classes on maintenance lessons 


The classes can inform of physical class lectures, short videos and even the use of learning materials either in form of books or e-books. 


  1. d) Sitting exams

For every education course programme, it’s quite normal to take progressive exam tests. This programme isn’t an exception. Progressive tests for completion of a certain stage is mandatory, and the list score to be allowed to proceed to the next level is a score of not less than 75%. 


  1. e) Fieldpracticalslessons 

Completion of class lessons/lectures marks the moving to a field training stage. This is where practical learning of actual forklift operation practices takes place. Under instructions and guidance from a professional trainer, you are taken through the required operations and practical skills required to operate and do different workings on the forklift. 


Under instructions, you have to undertake practical exercise by yourself and deploy skills for the purpose of grading. 

  1. f) Final evaluation

At the completion of this stage, your overall performance will be combined together with the previous course grades. Then your performance will undergo review by the trainer you were studying under. All the ratings and exam scores will be scrutinized and once they are satisfactory, you will be allowed to graduate. 


Graduating from this programme means that you get certified and a forklift license is issued to you. The certificate issued includes; 


  • Name 
  • Dates of the period the programme was undertaken 
  • Names of the trainer 


In the case of the online course, the program consists of online two learning slots, ie class lectures and sitting exams. Mostly, individuals who apply to this programme are in the field, and they only need the certification for standing better chances. 


The forklift certification process is better when done physically rather than through an online programme. Individuals from the field stand a better chance with enough skills and experience.