Shopify websites are application software’s that allow you to sell products offline may be at a physical tangible stock ,trade shows and exhibitions and even pop up shops . Payments may be done through iPhone , iPad or android operating system shopify quiz product. 


They are safe and legible websites are are widely spread and known to people worldwide .They are known for their huge investments in platform or computers associated careers like software engineering .They can be used to keep record of stock available at the company ,the records of the workers ,expenditure to be used and even they are used in planning in the business through searching ideas from other people across the world . 


Their application and use is absolutely and quick without any doubt when creating online stores since they are used mostly in E-commerce .Advertisements for  platforms is always done online through ads which are designed to pop up on screens of smartphones and computers when someone is using a certain program which is internet based one . 


Shopify websites have applications like establishing food stores whereby they deal with all categories of foods raw and undraw like chocolate , birthday cakes ,ginger snaps with their preservatives and ingredients . Customers go applying for the product they need online while they get the foods from physical shops . 


Shopify websites are also applied on uppercase magazines whereby they are used to avail photos intended to attract the readers based on craft and even other forms of writing and creativity with inclusion of interesting articles . 


Shopify websites are also applied to oilbirds as they combine customers’ comfort to ensure their welfare are improve their comfort as they enjoy the services provided by the websites . 


These websites are also applied in packaging of products for customers ,this organizes the work for customers as they choose what is of their needs to satisfy them appropriately and even improve customer service efficiency . 


Shopify websites have advantages in that they are quick and easy to use ,they offer fast and easy way to establish online stores without servers and cost expenses incurred with self hosted platforms .This makes customers take a short period of time to get their products fast after paying for them . 


They are secure and reliable ,they ensure complete safety for products in the stores ,and as they are delivered to appropriate customers .They are in turn reliable in that they offer efficient services to customers through crediting and debiting them accordingly . 


They offer 24/7 customer support since they can be accessed anytime the customer wishes to use them  even in the late night hours daily . 


They are highly portable since they can be accessed with mobile phones ,this makes them to be accessed anywhere in the world because of the portability enhanced by mobile phones themselves . 


They are highly customizable since they offer a wide variety of options to customers to choose what they need according to their wants . 


They also have disadvantages in that the payment is paid monthly for even small little something ,less customizable because they are not widely known by people in the world ,one using them is the one in control of the data to be used meaning that they don’t offer free internet access .