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Spanish language immersion schools and universities with Spanish lessons and Spanish courses in Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean and United States.

Take advantage of the free Spanish software downloads and trials of tutorials
The programs are ordered in alphabetical order. Click on a title to download or buy

Babylon Spanish translator:

Version 2.0| File size: 5.5 MB| License: Free | Requirements: Windows 3.X, 8MB RAM

This program's linguistic database contains more than 3 million expressions and terms. By a right-click on any word, the user can obtain an instant and accurate translation.

BuenSoft Spanish

Version 1.2 | File size: 3MB | License: BuenSoft (shareware $30)

This is a listening-based Windows package composed of scrambled phrases, hangman, flashcards, pair-matching, written and multiple-choice quizzes, and other word games. Subjects include numbers, days, months and daily expressions.

Business Spanish:

Offers daily FREE online lessons. Two new lessons are added every weekday, 520 lessons in a year. They cover over 100 business themes, grammar rules, cultural notes, vocabulary with audio, and much more. You will find the lessons concise yet very effective.

Comprehensive Bilingual Dictionary of Spanish False Cognates


Because Spanish and English have so many similar words, many people may mistakenly believe that some words are the same in both languages. This book points out these false cognates and gives examples of the correct words to use. This is a well done user-friendly book with separate English and Spanish sections.

Diccionario de la Real Academia (CD-ROM)

| Platform supported: CD-Rom

Entente Spanish

Version 1.5| File size: 220 K| License: freeware, Entente Corp. | Requirements: DOS 3.0+

This is a two-way English/Spanish conversational translator. It translates word for word, but does not conjugate. It might look odd, but is understandable.

Language Solution Spanish 5 User Lab Pack

For Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom
| $199.00
1-12 Interactive has adapted its highly acclaimed natural learning methodology, the way children learn their native languages, to the latest CD-ROM technology, to make learning fast, fun and effective for anyone 9 (or younger) to 90. 1-12's self-paced, "point-and-click" CD-ROM programs are unsurpassed on the market today. Combining an intuitive user interface with proven "total immersion" methodologies, our courses enable immediate understanding, and speaking of the language studied from the very first day. The CD programs utilize various optimum learning techniques including spaced repetition, total physical response, role playing and pronunciation exercises to provide conversational fluency within ten weeks and advanced fluency within thirty weeks.

Learn Spanish

License: freeware, University of Calgary

This is a DOS fill-in-the-blank program that contains about eighteen units. Each unit is split into five or six topics, and the interface is just okay.


Version 2.7 | File size: 493 K | License: shareware $40, Schulenberg & Ass

It offers flashcard program for learning vocabulary, sentences and parts of speech and verbs. It includes a small dictionary and verb reference facility. The unregistered version has about 140 of 9,000 verbs, and the first four of eighteen units from the FSI's Basic Spanish Course.

Proof reader

License: $79.95 by Alki | For Windows 95 and NT

This Spellchecker works great with MS Word; however, sometimes it fails to correct explicit accentuation of basic words; manual correction is required.

Proofing Tools MS Word 6.0 Mac Spanish

License: $79.95 by Alki |
Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, version 6.0. | Requirements:  303K of hard-disk space.
Spanish Spelling dictionary: 391,400 entries. Spanish Thesaurus: 650,000 entries. Grammar checker included.

Quicktionary Spanish <-> English Handheld OCR Pen/Dictionary

Power supply 3 AAA alkaline batteries
| $195.00| External dimensions: Length (with cover): 6.5" / 163mm Width: 1.4" / 36mm Height: 1" / 24mm
Users can scan a word they want to look up without having to interrupt their reading. You can find the translation you need for almost any word or expression you scan.
Quicktionary enables searching for adjacent dictionary entries and instant recall of the previous 75 scanned words.

Setki Software Maestro de Espanol

License: shareware $15 (15 days unlimited trial) | File size: 1.3 Mb
Test your Spanish verbs, vocabulary, numbers, etc... knowledge with your own exercises. No complex database needed for this program. All the data is stored in an Excel file so you can easily add and adjust the test data yourself.
There is already a free data file included as a demo.

Spanish Helper

Version 2.3 | File size: 477 KB | License: shareware $29.95, Braser Soft | A DOS version (V1.7) is also available

This is an interactive Windows program that quizzes you on vocabulary, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank. It has about 1,000 most common Spanish words and allows the entry of word lists. The trial version contains only level 1. Registration entitles you to access to levels 2 and 3.

Spanish Word 2000

For Windows 95 or later, or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or later on CD-ROM.
| $395.00
Microsoft Word 2000 gives you the tools to more easily create professional looking documents and share information, in print or on the web. New intelligence and personilization help you save time completing your everyday tasks. Menus and manual in Spanish.


Version 2.1 | License: shareware $5, S. Olson

This is Basic Windows 95 program that "works by quizzing you on a list of questions (up to 200 at a time) that YOU input. SpanQuiz will continue asking you the questions you got wrong until you have answered all the questions with a correct answer".

Spell & Pronounce Spanish Words

Version 1.5 | File size: 161 KB | License: shareware $25, Computer Specialties

This program covers 21 categories with basic flashcard style vocabulary drills, that includes a pronunciation guide.

Talking Spanish for Windows

Version 1.0 | License: shareware $39, DareWare

This program is good for kids. They'll learn to speak, read, and spell easily.

Talk Now Learn Spanish

For Mac, Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom
| $45.00  | Requirements: Windows - VGA with 256 colors, Sound card, 486 or above, 8MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, microphone (optional). | Macintosh - Color, 68030 processor or above, 8MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, microphone (optional).
Ideal for beginners, Comprehensive, and Interactive. Topics include: first words, phrases, food, shopping, numbers and time. Immediate response to every choice you make. Compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers, using the record facility. Test your knowledge with easy and hard quizzes, plus a challenging memory game. Monitor your progress, keep a check on your total score, and print your own awards. Print your own picture dictionary for handy reference.

Talk Now I & II Plus Flash Card SUPER BUNDLE

For Mac, Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom, iMac | $109.00 | Requirements: Windows - 3.1, 95,98, NT VGA with 256 colors, Sound card, 486 or above, 8MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, microphone (optional). | Macintosh - imac, Color, 68030 processor or above, 8MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, microphone (optional).
Same Topics above.

Ultimate Language Tutor: Spanish

Version 1.02 | File size: 90Kb) | License: shareware $20, Ultimate Software

This contains bi-directional and multiple choice translations of nouns, phrases, and verb conjugations. It allows up to 9 people to compete in games and graphs the results.

Universal Word 2000 ML4 - European Languages

Version ML4 |
$179.00 | Minimum installation: 8MB | Requirements: MS Windows operating system 3.1' 95' 98 or later.
Includes spell checking for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, UK English, US English, Norwegian, Swedish and Portuguese.

Ventanas: Spanish for Windows

Version 2.1 | File size: 1.9MB | License: shareware $30, PsL

This is an English-Spanish dictionary and language tutorial for Windows. It contains verb conjugations. Each word is given its proper part of speech and relevant phrases can be viewed.

Virtual Conversation Spanish Medical Profession CD-Rom

Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom
| $99.00 | Requirements: 100 MHz Pentium, 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended), 18MB hard drive space 4X CD-ROM drive, SVGA (800x600, 16 bit color), Sound Blaster compatible, sound card ,Microphone (included), Speakers, Mouse Microsoft , Windowsr95, 98, NT4
Medical Spanish is a Virtual Conversations language program for health professionals who need to communicate with Hispanic patients who have difficulty speaking English. This program gives you the unique opportunity to practice taking the medical history of such a patient. You ask the questions in Spanish and the virtual patient answers in Spanish.

Virtual Conversation Spanish Roberto's Restaurant

Windows 95/98, Windows NT, CD-Rom
| $89.95 | Requirements: 100 MHz Pentium, 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended), 18MB hard drive space 4X CD-ROM drive, SVGA (800x600, 16 bit color), Sound Blaster compatible, sound card, Microphone (included), Speakers, Mouse Microsoft , Windows95, 98, NT4
In this Virtual Conversations program, you are transported to the patio of a restaurant in Mexico where Roberto, the owner, appears on the screen, greets you with a smile and actively waits for you to respond. You may ask questions about the fare or simply order from the menu. However, Roberto is aggressive and also asks questions. Expect a give-and-take conversation with him as you order beverages and a full meal with coffee and dessert. Also, expect to be called on to help a confused non-Spanish-speaking couple order their meal.

Visual Link Spanish Level I Conversational Spanish Course
With fun and interactive lessons, Level I will give you the foundation to build sentences, ask and answer questions, and truly communicate in Spanish. The Visual Link™ Spanish Language Course is designed to teach you to speak in complete sentences and help you become fluent in conversational Spanish. This computer software course consists of interactive computer based Spanish lessons that use a combination of visual and audio features to interactively teach you Spanish sentence structure in a way that is fun and easy to remember.
Comes with: 1. 2 Computer CD-ROMs with over 200 interactive Spanish lessons and activities. 2. 49 Interactive Learning Lessons. 3. 26 Vocabulary Review Lessons. 4. 37 Review Games. 5. 45 Verbal Quizzes. 6. 13 Written Practice Quizzes. 7. 30 Pronunciation Lessons. 8. 10 Audio CDs - learn Spanish in your car. 9. Conversation Manual. 10. Travel Case for the CDs.
$134.95  On Sale

Visual Link Spanish Level II Advanced Verb Module
The Advanced Verb Module gives you further coaching in Verb Conjugation and Direct Objects. It is the next step after you've completed Visual Link Spanish Level 1. You will become proficient in 5 Spanish verb tenses and also learn how to handle Direct Objects correctly in Spanish.
There have been numerous upgrades and additions from the previous "online subscription" version of this module. The lessons in the course are basically the same, but it has been converted to CD format to make it easier for you to use. The course comes with five audio CDs so you can study with the course where and when you want. A mp3 audio CD also comes with the course so you can easily transfer the audio to your portable mp3 player.
Another nice addition is the ability for five users to have their scores tracked at the same time. This will open up the course to your whole family to use effectively. These changes have made the Advanced Spanish Verb Module more effective than ever before. Now is your chance to increase your Spanish fluency and finally master Spanish verb conjugation.
Comes with: 1. Two CD ROMS – you no longer have to be connected to the Internet to use your course. Install the course once on your computer and study when and where you want. 2. Five new audio CDs – study and practice verb conjugation and in your car or on the go. 3. MP3 audio CD – makes adding the audio portion of the course to your iPod or portable music device easier. 4. New five user format – now up to 5 users can use the verb course at the same time. The course tracks the progress of each user separately.
$99.95  On Sale

Word Translator Spanish (Europ) V Windows 3.1/95 (approx 225K entries)

At least 3.5 MB of free hard disk space
| $124.95 Windows, Windows 95/98, CD-Rom
You can translate single words, phrases and even short sentences quickly and easily with your mouse and just a few keystrokes.

WordReference Personal

License: Free |
Requirements: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
Translate any word in any Web page with a few quick clicks, using Collins Dictionaries. Comes in two forms, one for Internet Explorer 4 or 5, one for Netscape 4+. English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Look at the example to the right. To  translate the word "clicks": You can double-click the word "clicks" to highlight it, click the right mouse button, and chose language from the menu. A small window will then open with the translation in the corner of the screen.


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Search from thousands of products supporting Spanish

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