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Spanish language immersion schools and universities with Spanish lessons and Spanish courses in Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean and United States.

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Pio Peep! : Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes Pio Peep! : Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes by Alma Flor Ada, Vivi Escriva
PreSchool-Grade 2-Following in the tradition of Margot Griego's Tortillitas para Mama (Holt, 1995) and Jose-Luis Orozco's Diez deditos (Dutton, 1997) comes this stellar collection of nursery rhymes. Selected from the rich oral tradition of Latin America and the American Southwest, most of the verses are known throughout the Spanish-speaking world. The rhymes cover everything from early morning birds to elephants to angels, and the reason for their enduring popularity is clear. Deeply rhythmic verses, compelling rhyme schemes, and words that "play trippingly on the tongue" characterize every verse. Schertle's excellent English adaptations are not literal translations but poetic re-creations. They retain the rhythm, meter, and general meaning of the originals, making the rhymes as memorable and memorizable in English as they are in Spanish. Escriv 's watercolor and colored-pencil illustrations use brilliant hues and detail to reconstruct a young child's world. Certain to become a staple for preschool and early elementary programs, this offering is also a wonderful, reassuring lap book. A must-purchase for libraries.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Las nanas de abuelita / Grandmother's Nursery Rhymes Las nanas de abuelita / Grandmother's Nursery Rhymes by Nelly Palacio Jaramillo
PreSchool-Grade 2?This delightful book blends English and Spanish texts with fanciful watercolor-and-ink illustrations. The parallel versions of these lullabies, tongue twisters, and riddles from South America take advantage of word play in both languages. While based on the author's childhood in Colombia, the verses convey universal childhood themes. Perfect for family sharing, especially where children are helping their parents learn English as a second language.?Carole D. Fiore, State Library of Florida, Tallahassee
Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Jorge el Curioso (Curious George) Jorge el Curioso (Curious George) by H. A. Rey and Pedro Villa Fernandez
Certain to be one of the most popular of the picture-book translations. A Spanish translation of the original Curious George story.
500 palabras nuevas para ti / 500 Words To Grow On 500 palabras nuevas para ti / 500 Words To Grow On by Harry McNaught
A basic vocabulary in English and in Spanish. A mini-dictionary useful to beginning readers of either language.
Con Mi Hermano / With My Brother Con Mi Hermano / With My Brother by Eileen Roe and Robert Casilla
PreSchool-K-- A small boy treasures the time his brother spends with him, and admires the older boy's abilities. He hopes, in time, to be able to play ball, deliver papers, and go to school with his sibling. But for now, he is happy when the two of them play together. This simple, repetitive story paints a reassuring picture of family life and supportive relations. The Spanish text, rendered without regionalisms, is as direct and simple as the English version, but both are bland and unexciting. The watercolor illustrations showing two Hispanic boys are large and colorful; they are good for sharing, but are merely competent in execution. Nonetheless, this possesses a similar sense of admiration and emulation found in Angela Johnson's Do Like Kyla (Orchard, 1990), with the added feature of a Spanish text. Given the simplicity of the narrative, it would probably be most useful as a teaching tool in beginning Spanish language or ESL classes. --Ann Welton, University Child Development School, Seattle
Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Say Hola to Spanish Say Hola to Spanish by Susan Middleton Elya, Loretta Lopez
PreSchool-Grade 2?"Spanish is fun,/ so give it a try./ Hola is hello,/ adios is good-bye." So begins this catchy introduction to some basic vocabulary. The almost-musical rhymes resemble a commercial jingle and facilitate learning. The Spanish terms are printed in bold throughout the text, along with plenty of visual clues, to make it easy for youngsters to decipher them. A glossary of the 70 words with pronunciations and the English equivalent is provided. However, since the pronunciation guide appears at the end, the book is best suited for reading aloud by a person already familiar with the language. The colorful cartoons are adequate, but often awkwardly drawn. Lynn Reed's Pedro, His Perro, and the Alphabet Sombrero (Hyperion, 1995) is similar in scope.?Maria Redburn, Irving Public Library, TX
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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